My opinion on online learning has dramatically changed over the last few years. I hadn’t used to be a big fan of online learning but over the last couple of years, I have changed my opinion dramatically. A lot of the younger age groups now from school, university… I was old school, but more modern people, with more modern technology, iPhones, iPads, all the technology that’s come out, to watch somebody teach on a screen, on a television rather than the old PowerPoint type stuff has massively changed my opinion. And yes, I think you can learn an awful lot from online learning.

I think it needs to be backed up with practical skills, potentially, in a lot of areas, however, the online skills, the knowledge level doesn’t need to be sat in the classroom for eight hours. It can be done prior to coming into class and that means that the instructor can concentrate on the practical skills and embed those skills. The knowledge side can be learnt online. The practical hands-on skills can be learned in a classroom and you combine the two with a blended approach and it works wonders. I think it is actually the way forward.