Why Learn First Aid

First aid is unbelievably simple sometimes, but it can make the most difference if done quickly and appropriately. Over the years, we have seen such a dramatic change in outcomes to the patients and often that is because of the things that were done in the early stages of that patient becoming ill or injured. And over the years, what we have seen is, as we arrive on the scene, a better standard of first aid and care that has taken place, that makes our job easier. And subsequently, if you consider the chain of survival, then each link in that chain is strengthened. First aid is a vital part of it.

One of the big things that we have a problem within the UK is that not enough people do first aid or learn first aid. Any paramedic will tell you when they arrive on scene, if somebody is doing something for the patient, whether it is controlling a bleed, managing an airway or just trying CPR, just the fact that they are trying makes a huge difference to the outcome and it means that when we actually start the patient is potentially viable. All too often, we arrive on the scene nothing has been done, nothing has been controlled, nobody has done any management in any way, shape, or form, most of the time because they are frightened, because they don’t understand and they think they might do something wrong when in actual fact do something do not do anything. But yeah, I think it is vitally important that we do more first aid and encourage people to do more first aid in the UK.