Coagulopathy is a condition in which the blood’s ability to coagulate – clot – is impaired. This would mean that if someone had a serious bleed, the bodies’ ability to form clots and stop the bleeding would be reduced. This condition can cause prolonged or excessive bleeding, which occurs typically during any sort of medical […]

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Cold Emergencies – Hypothermia

The human body relies heavily on a perfect balance of many factors within itself. Temperature is one of these factors, and the body can suffer heavily if it is even one of two degrees too hot or cold. With just two degrees drop from a normal body temperature, the body can suffer from Hypothermia. Hypothermia […]

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Shock is defined as a lack of oxygen to the body’s tissues. Many different things can cause this, and there are lots of different types of shock. Types of Shock The first one is hypovolemic shock. This occurs normally during or after a major trauma incident, for example, a car crash, where the patient loses […]

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