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Find our exactly where you are with "what3words"

When calling the emergency medical services you may be in a location that is not always easy to describe or you may be lost on a mountain or on a remote country road.

About Certifying/Trade Body Organisation

This is an organisation that delivers training in accordance with the law and does so by implementing monitoring systems, policies and procedures, management programmes, services and more that meet statutory and regulatory requirements imposed or sanctioned by a legal authority.

ProTrainings accreditaions

ProTrainings EU is a certifying organisation recognised for providing training and qualifications in England, UK and across the globe.

HeartSine AED 350P Special Offer Price a £799 plus VAT with £75 of free online training

HeartSine AED manufacture full feature AED units in the UK. To increase the number of AED units available in the community and in businesses we are able to offer the HeartSine 350 at a special price of £799 plus VAT and the HeartSine 500 with CPR help at £999 plus VAT. We also have special offers on training nationally and video online including three free video online courses worth £75 plus VAT.

The safe way to carry Aspirin

There is evidence that aspirin, taken during a heart attack, can reduce the size of the clot causing the heart attack and may even cause the platelets in the clot to disperse. Research shows that the death rate can be reduced by 20-25%. Aspirin, used in the prevention of heart attacks, is probably the most cost-effective drug available in medical practice and daily low-dose aspirin is now a standard item in the management of heart disease patients.

Tourniquet and Haemostatic Supplies

Tourniquet and haemostats bleeding packs are now available from ProTrainings and ITG. We have made up 3 packs depending on your needs and budget and you can buy all the items individually. If you are going to be teaching tourniquet and haemostats dressings you will need to have some to demonstrate and show in your lesson. y.

Blended First Aid at Work online training launched

Blended First Aid at Work courses launched by ProTrainings. We are the first to launch the new HSE option for EFAW and FAW courses in the workplace. We have introduced all options for these courses including, Driver CPC, Equestrian and Forestry versions of the courses.

Celox now available from ProTrainings Europe

We now offer the full range of Celox Heamostatic dressings and training dressings and we have made up some instructor kits with special prices for orders before or at our conferences in Birmingham and Colchester. We have added the range of Celox to our new website

CPD - 85 Ways to Complete Your CPD

CPD can be completed with 85 different video online courses with ProTrainings. In the 85 courses, there are courses in first aid, health & safety, data protection, social care skills, office skills to name a few.

Resuscitation Council 2015 Changes Summary

Resuscitation Council 2015 recommendations we released last Thursday and we have studied the latest Resuscitation changes and are changing over to the new recommendations on our courses very soon. The recommendations on CPR change every five years. On the 15th October 2015, the European Resuscitation Council, ILCOR and UK Resuscitation Council announced the 2015 guidelines. Our training courses will shortly follow the ERC and UK 2015 recommendations to ensure the latest guidelines are including in our online and classroom courses.

ProTrainings are finalists in two business awards

ProTrainings are finalists in two business awards

What is fainting and what do I do when someone faints?

Fainting is a common cause of a patient losing consciousness. It is caused by a lack of blood to the brain. This can be caused by anxiety, hunger, pregnancy, stress, worry, tiredness, standing for long periods, too hot or after receiving local anaesthetic containing adrenaline.