Tourniquet and Haemostatic Supplies

Tourniquet and haemostats bleeding packs are now available from ProTrainings and ITG. We have made up 3 packs depending on your needs and budget and you can buy all the items individually. If you are going to be teaching tourniquet and haemostats dressings you will need to have some to demonstrate and show in your lesson. These kits all include foam blocks to use when teaching and practicing packing a wound and we also sell demonstration arms where you can show how to put a tourniquet on and your students can use it to practice on safely.

The basic kit can be found at

The Recommended kit at

And the ideal kit at

From any of these links you can see the whole range of Tourniquets and Celox Haemostatic dressings and you can see them from your ProTrainings instructor dashboard. For more information and to order call Paula on 01206 805380 or order via any of our websites and your instructor dashboard.

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