Find our exactly where you are with "what3words"

When calling the emergency medical services you may be in a location that is not always easy to describe or you may be lost on a mountain or on a remote country road.

In some cases, your mobile phone signal can be triangulated and the EMS can find you but this is not always possible.

What3Words is an app that you can be downloaded to your smartphone that creates 3 different words that relate to a physical square of 3 metres by 3 metres. That way, by giving these words to the EMS, they can find you very easily, where ever you are.  You can also use the what3words website to work out a location or to find exactly where you are.

The what3words algorithm creates the three random words in a combination to enable both human and automated error checking so if the words are given slightly wrongly, it is still able to work out where someone is at.

Around 80 percent of the UK emergency services are now using what3words, as well as roadside assistance services like the AA, and many UK delivery companies.

To find a location, you can visit the what3words website at or use the app and then you can search for a postcode or place.  If we are adding our office postcode, then on the map, we could pinpoint the front door of our offices within a  3-metre box. So you select the right place, then you can note down your three words, so for our office front door the words are “hikes.apply.drums”.  If using the app, you simply open the app and it will show you exactly where you are and any saved locations you store.

Not only can you use it to find your location for the EMS of home/office but you can note where first aid or AED stations are.

See our video on the First Aid Show on what3words.

What3words is an excellent method of pinpointing an exact location and it works in every corner of the world. Give it a try, we have added what3words to our training courses.

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