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Near and secondary drowning

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Drowning: Types, Symptoms, and First Aid

Understanding Drowning

Definition: Drowning refers to death within 24 hours due to suffocation in a liquid, typically freshwater or seawater.

Near Drowning: Successful resuscitation following suffocation by immersion.

Secondary Drowning: Accumulation of fluid in the lungs after apparent recovery from near-drowning.

Risk Factors

Persistent Risk: Near-drowning and secondary drowning can occur even after revival.

Cause: Fatigue, swimming difficulties, or fluid aspiration.

Immediate Response

Rescue: Safely remove the submerged person from the water.

Assessment: Check for breathing. If breathing, place in the recovery position and call EMS.

No Breathing: Begin CPR (as discussed in the drowning video).

Medical Evaluation

Medical Assessment: Even for those who don't lose consciousness but ingest substantial water, consult a doctor.

Risks: Lung injury and life-threatening electrolyte imbalances can result from water ingestion, be it from a pool or natural body of water.

Secondary Drowning Symptoms

  • Coughing
  • Chest Pain
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Severe Fatigue

First Aid

Oxygen Administration: If available, administer oxygen to maintain proper oxygen levels and compensate for respiratory system impairment.