flashing blue lights

What to do when you see flashing blue lights

So my advice would be,  do not speed up, keep going until you can find somewhere safe to indicate and pull over to the left. Preferably not parallel to some bollards or where the road narrows or where there is oncoming traffic. Another very dangerous one and this has caused fatal accidents in the past, […]

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Whats it like to be a paramedic

There is a continuous need to keep our knowledge up to date. Our procedures, drugs, protocols are changing regularly. And so much evidence-based medicine is out there now for us to practice, according to the guidelines change frequently, that is a challenge. In 31 years of me being a paramedic, we have gone from having […]

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Emergency call

Calling the emergency medical services

Calling the emergency medical services (EMS) is simply done by calling 999 or 112.  112 is the European number but it works in the UK as well. They will ask you what service you require: Fire, Ambulance, Police or all of them.  Speak clearly and answer all questions as best as you can.  They will need […]

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